Who makes the city
a greener place?

Stadsgoud 2017 stadsgoud-groeneloper.png © Paul van der Veer

A greener Maastricht 

Maastricht is made up of people, the city, and nature, but the definition of nature differs from one person to the next. Does nature always have to develop spontaneously, without human intervention, or can a beautifully landscaped park be considered nature as well? Can the popular walking area on Sint Pieter's hill or the Groene Loper ('green carpet') be considered natural? How about the nest of peregrine falcons on top of Sint Jan's (St Johns) church, or the weeds that emerge between paving stones?

One thing is for certain: nature is valuable and influences a city and the people who live and work there. It offers opportunities for relaxation and recreation. It can teach us valuable lessons and it can cause us great irritation. It can also affect our health and wellbeing.

Let's stray from the beaten track, look for greener pastures, and sail against the wind. Maastricht: where city and nature converge. Register before 11 March 2017 and present your feasible plan so we can all share in your idea.

In My Lifetime I Hope...

March 18, 2015

A large blackboard was placed in the Maastrichter Brugstraat, ready for use with chalks of all colours. Passers-by were able to complete an unfinished text in any way they wanted: ‘In my lifetime I hope...’

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Tweeting Maastricht

February 26, 2015

In 2011 people in Sweden came up with the idea of handing over the national @sweden Twitter account to someone different every week, to an active Twitter user who could tweet his or her tips and topics to all the followers. Something like that could also be done in Maastricht.

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Playful initiative

February 26, 2015

A leaking pipe under the Hell Gate Viaduct in New York City caused inconvenience to pedestrians for over twenty years. Two private individuals came up with a playful initiative that solved the problem perfectly.

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